Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Dad, My Past

I was sorting through terabytes of data on several external hard drives today, and ran across a few things. The first was a collection of videos from the Black Pelican Halloween theme mystery parties we hosted in the late '80s and early '90s. I was shocked at how different I was back then. Not just different looking, but different in attitude and bearing. I was naive and self-absorbed, perhaps normally so for an artist in his twenties, happily engaged/married without the responsibility of children, and able to drink with impunity. We were a happy little incestuous clan, intellectuals and artists and performers. Much like Lord Byron and his entourage in the early 1800s, only without the rock-star prestige and social scandal.

The second was my dad's memorial video I made for him shortly after his death. My copy of the DVD burned in the fire, and I didn't know that the raw video files survived. I watched until it was too painful, and was again struck by how much Tyler looks like him (especially now, at 14). It left me feeling very melancholy and wanting to talk to my pop, especially in light of all the wonderful things going on in my life.


Mark Bruno said...

That's a great picture of your dad, Todd. Like you, my father was such an important person in my life, which makes missing him all the more painful.

At any rate, and more to the point, you know, looking at it, Gavin has an uncanny resemblance to your dad as well.

TD said...

Yeah, I ended up with the McDowell frame and color, but I got my dad's eyes & nose.