Friday, October 17, 2008


I wonder how many posts I've used that title for. Or will use it for in the future.

The Pacific Northwest autumn is upon us, and with it the dark cloud of thinking-too-much. It's a time for going inside (literally and figuratively), a time for self examination. Dealing with a lot on my plate, and it's not just the financial crisis and watching my retirement shrink before my eyes. It's not just staring at the Hellmouth that is my kitchen. It's not just missing those really close connections I once had. It's also the stress of raising a high-schooler and middle-schooler, the stress of re-learning how to share my home after having been a lone alpha for 3+ years (and everything that is building toward)...

[addendum] And the projector is in the shop and won't be done until after the weekend. This is my "grrr" face. >:-( [/addendum]

There's more, but that's all I'm gonna share for now.

Meeting my sister for lunch today. That'll be a bright spot. Sorry not so chipper.

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Anonymous said...

Shit, love. The projector just throws it into super-suck mode. Can't even lose yourself in the movies? Well you could, but only on the 'puter...hardly the same. I'm sorry for any darkness you're going through, even if it's all for the greater good.