Thursday, September 25, 2008

Zero to Sixty... the blink of an eye.

Had a Duo script conference with Jim on Tuesday night, and he had some suggestions both nit-picky and critical. Which means another dialog pass before we can effectively pitch again.

Competing for the same burner is the Ordinary Angels series pilot screenplay, which is at the time of this writing about 35% finished. Add to that a November deadline for pitching the series to a specific production company in Vancouver, and you have a suddenly very busy writer.

(Okay, look at both posters and tell me I'm not just a little fond of Eric Riedmann.)

So which to work on first?

That's easy. Neither. I just got paint for my bedroom, and started cutting in the edges yesterday. I may just finish the east wall so it can be drying while I write. Raechelle is going to help me with the other three walls this weekend. Apologies in advance if I go a bit quiet over the next week or two. I'll get a few posts in here and there, but I sense a manic workaholic episode coming on.

Wish me luck.


Dan Heinrich said...

I almost spit my tea all over my keyboard when I read - "Neither. I just got paint..." - and not cause it was funny (well, not just cause). You really want to tell your producer you are painting instead of writing? Really?

Raechelle said...

Ooooh, Todd's in trooouuubbblllee.

He's playing with blogger, too. Look at that new fancy headline.

Tsk, tsk.


TD said...

I'll have you know I'm done with the east wall and after I grab something to eat I will be hard at work on the OA pilot script... DAN. ;-)

Yeah, I took a poke under the hood and decided to do away with the crappy default header. It's off center tho... maybe Beth can fix?


Anonymous said...

The problem is in the blog's html template, not the graphic itself. I can probably fix but I'd need access to the template or walk you through how to fix yourself. Ping me later tonight or tomorrow via IM and we'll tawk. ;)

Anonymous said...

I Love the new fancy headline!