Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Four Months

For those of you keeping score, Raechelle and I have been together four months today. I may have mentioned that, after we'd passed three months, it became my longest relationship, post-Sam.

It's good. Really good. I look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with this adorable little lady who makes me laugh and my heart take flight. Corny? Maybe. Deal with it.

Cheers, baby.


Anonymous said...

Dealin.' Mazaltov and many more to y'all. :)

(this awww yeah brought to you by the word verification "hwgqua," pronounced "hawg-kwuh." No, I have no idea what it means, but being a not-so-good girl from the South, I'd imagine it at least has to do with HAWGS. I reckon.)

Anonymous said...

Congrats - I like the "deal with it" language. And my, what a lovely photo . . . .


Bug said...


What a cute couple and many more 'months' to come! :)


Dee said...

Congrats on 4 months! Maybe next time a picture of the two of you with smiles and the "we're so happy we can't stand it" look would be good. ;>)

TD said...

You mean like this one?


Dee said...

Yessss! That's a good one! ;>)