Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I can identify with that.

Now don't get all worried, dear readers. I've talked about my diagnosed "mild bipolar" condition in the past, and all will be well in a few days. There's just a lot going on for me right now, including (but not limited to):
  1. Back to school approaching, and a lot of parental/school interface (especially dealing with Tyler's situation)
  2. Duo funding being stalled
  3. Relationship switching gears from 24/7 vacation to "see ya on the weekend"
  4. Dealing with PTSD from recent and past trauma alike (I can do it, it's just complicated)
  5. ...which feeds into: a) not eating; b) not sleeping; c) not doing home maintenance; d) not doing self maintenance
  6. Switching gears from really productive on the OA series pilot script to total writer's block, and I have a production meeting on Thursday
  7. Matt's birthday is in 2 days, and I'm missing him... yes, still
  8. The Seahawks lost last night's game by one friggin' point
In short, I'm not running on all cylinders, and I don't feel like I can talk about it with anyone - so you, the anonymous (and not-so-anonymous) reader gets to read my griping. Sorry. Like I said, all will be peachy in a few days, and I hope to post happier stuff (like the sand castle kid below).


Anonymous said...

If you just look at the kid's face (below) for a few minutes, you'll feel better about everything. How could you not???


go_go yubari said...

You know, sometimes there's a comfort in being sad. Anyway, just a few (((Todd)))(((Todd)))(((Todd))) from Hotlanta ;-)

Dee said...

It's your blog - you can gripe all you want! Here's something that might make you feel (a little) better: The Redskins lost by 44 points Saturday night. Makes one point look not-quite-so-bad, huh? Scary for us Redskin fans. Hope you're feeling happier soon.

TD said...

Thanks for the kind support, ladies. And Dee, yes - that does make me feel better.

...almost as good as when the Raiders beat the much-favored Redskins in Superbowl XVIII 38-9 (for which I won a $20 bet). ;-)