Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Small Victories (A Bullet List for Tuesday)

  • Raechelle took me to lunch - yay!
  • Had a good discussion (looking forward to holidays, etc)
  • Tyler is still #3 on the WSHS waiting list, and the nice lady at the enrollment center said his chances were "extremely good" for getting in
  • Did the grocery shopping for the week (and may have accidentally bought a few lotto numbers - MegaMillions is up to $114mil, and there's no way I can ignore that, even when the odds are so high - what are the odds of losing your wife to cancer, your father to cancer, and then having your house flood and burn down, all in one calendar year??)
  • The cleaners came, so my house is neat - and it took them less time (and less time = less money)
  • Got the Cali vacation pics uploaded to Facebook (and even tagged)
  • Gonna get a nap

See? Already many degrees of better. Plus, if you'll look to your right, you'll see I've added Engrish.com to my blogroll. For happy sensual of the enjoyment time.

1 comment:

creth95 said...

I noticed Engrish last night and I stoled it!

Much love. Feel better. I'm here if/when you want. Just sayin.' ((hug))

(word verification OTD: "iplslnjz." Sounds like either a sneeze or a type of german pastry. You decide.)