Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sushi Picnic

Went to Rae's office. Saw the mood on her dry erase board was happy. I added rosy cheeks, stars and hearts. We walked to the park and ate us some sushi. She, California rolls. Me, cucumber rolls. We chatted. She vented about work. Looking forward to the trip.

Came home and was immediately attacked by a vicious nap. Have much laundry to do. Feeling mushy, but I realize I'll have the whole week with TBGE to be mushy. It's all good. Eventually.


Anonymous said...

TBGE=The Best Guagliardo Ever. Awwww. How sweet of you to say. Mwah!


TD said...

Har har. You already know it's The Best Girlfriend Ever.

Silly woman.