Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whoops, Where'd Wednesday Go?

Oh, that's right. I was too busy HAVING AN AWESOME DAY to post anything.

Got some office crap done, which is not the awesome part, obviously. Had a very good counseling session wherein more of that stuff got squared away. Played some guitar with Kayleigh - we're working on some chords. Raechelle showed up after work and got her laundry started (yes, she's officially bringing laundry over - this must be serious). Then the woman, the girl-child and I headed down to the Swell for dinner with Dave Alpern, a guy I've known online for almost a decade, and whom I've never before met face-to-face. He brought his brother-in-law along, just for extra muscle, in case I turned out to be a psycho (I mean, I am, but that's never stopped me from having friends).

It wasn't a long get together, for sure. But it was good. We chatted about John Steakley (for whom Dave has been running the officially endorsed fan site for about 12 years), parenthood, brewing, and then we listened to a bit of Erin's set. By then Kayleigh was bored out of her skull, so we took off home.

Had a great informational download with Raechelle [mushy alert] and fell asleep in her arms. Awwwwwwwwwwww. [/mushy alert]

Woke up chuckling to Marty Riemer's show on the radio. There may have been a guffaw involved. Saw the girl off to work, and now I'm planning my day:
  • Get Tyler to summer school (just today and tomorrow left to go).
  • Finish assembling the insurance docs.
  • Work on the OA pilot script so I have something more to show Dan & Trish at tonight's meeting.
  • Make sure I have spaghetti makings for said meeting.

In closing, the vacant lot at the corner of 24th Ave SW and Henderson is no longer vacant. A Washington-built certified green home just arrived in two halves, and is being assembled right now. While cosmetically it doesn't really fit in with the 1920s craftsman homes on the block, neither does it detract as much as a bunch of cookie cutter townhomes would. Blessings counted.

Oh, and I just ran across these teaser trailers from the sequel to The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.

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