Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So... Very... HAPPY.

I've waited years. YEARS, I tell you. Now it is mine.


Granted, Freakazoid! isn't everyone's cup o' tea. But for its time, it shattered the constraints of Saturday morning cartoon format. Freakazoid! is silly, sometimes stupid and often brilliant. This show (along with the Animaniacs) was as close to the vibe of the classic Warner Brothers cartoons as we've seen. And the free-reign enjoyed by Paul Rugg and the writers in creating this stream-of-consciousness animated series paved the way for cutting edge animated fare like South Park, Family Guy and Robot Chicken.



Mack said...

i was a big fan of this show when it ran on cartoon network. "poo gas" and "feeling urpy" have become part of the mack lexicon.

i also like that on south park, al gore makes freakazoid's whooshing noise when he "flies."

Lucy Leadskin said...

Oh man, G and I lurves us the Freaky. One of our friends even named his cat Freakazoid.

Anonymous said...

Terror grips a peaceful city. Terror that wears a loin cloth. His real name is Royce Mumphy, but police in five states know him as Cave Guy. Yes, Cave Guy: hostile, powerful, but also highly intelligent!

TD said...

"I subscribe to the New Yorker."

Carolee said...

You are truly AH-mazing!