Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today's Horoscope


The energy that is growing between you and another person is giving you two a lot of power over your surroundings -- are you guys ready to use it? Unleash your dynamic-duo-ism on the world today! Dive right in and get more involved in things. You have the time to bend things to your will -- and you definitely have the influence. The more you immerse yourself in the situation, the faster you will gain a deep understanding, so hurry up and get your team in motion.

* * *

That's great. I just wish this dynamic duo was more in sync... Lest I leave that on such a cryptic note, never fear. We're simply hitting the first of the relationship speed bumps, and one of them comes from the girl and I each being in a different headspace. The good news is neither one of us is going anywhere. The further good news is that I got a counseling appointment this afternoon and can start working on my "stuff". So yay.

* * *

Took Tyler to summer school today and talked with one of the administrators. Because Tyler had been evaluated at or above 9th grade level and therefore will not be held back next school year, he took that to mean he didn't need to attend summer school anymore. The administrator and I told him that there was a difference between knowing something and doing the actual work. He had a glazed look until the administrator used Bill Gates as an example of someone who was smart, but if he just sat around and did nothing, he wouldn't be successful like he is now. That did it for Tyler. He cheerfully went to class.


Anonymous said...

Motivating kiddos is something I think every parent struggles with, at some point or another.
I hope counseling helps and I'm glad to see you and YourGirl doing well :)
It's been a bit since I commented, mainly because it's been a supremely chaotic Summer here but I think I'm catching up, finally! Right in time to start back-to-school fun :P

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Ok. Just wait until after he's graduated from all the schooling you can con him into before you point out that *technically* Bill Gates hires folks to make his money for him. LOL

It's not a bad business model, actually. Just saying that dropping out of Harvard to become a mogul is one thing...high school is another ;)