Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sexy Frog

Sometime during the night on Sunday/early Monday, my sinuses decided to drain down the back of my throat, leaving me in a world of hurt all day yesterday. I know you know what I'm talking about, when you wake up in the middle of the night and can feel your immune system shudder and split open. "Crap. I'm sick."

So I spent most of the day on the sofa, hopped up on vitamin C and green tea. Couldn't concentrate on work. Did however get to watch Juno, finally. I actually bought it at Barnes & Noble's "buy two get one free" sale (along with Control and Robot Chicken season 2) on Raechelle's recommendation, and I wasn't disappointed. That makes her 2 for 2, for those keeping score.

I missed Raechelle yesterday. Fortunately we were able to chat last night at bedtime. Well, she chatted, and I croaked at her like some hot frog on a phone sex line. I loved the fact that she cracked up when I said, "BUD... WEIS... ERRR..."

Took some TheraFlu Warming and zonked out... until 3:30 AM (note the time stamp on this post). Throat feels like it's been sand-blasted. I guess I can't open La Boheme at the Seattle Opera as planned. Darn.

Dan broke the news to Gigi and we did officially walk away from the Nobody Knows project on Friday. I received a very conciliatory voicemail yesterday, and managed to croak out a reply of my own. She's going to try to shoot the thing in LA, which I totally support. I do know that she'll find it more expensive - she was getting us cheap. But it looks like she'll be using my script (at least partially), so I may get a co-writing credit. I'm just glad we can move on from this without animosity.

I'm still coughing up grossness, and today my head feels like a soccer ball after a two-hour practice. It's gonna be another day of, "Couch, meet Todd's ass," and nothing gets done. I hope the world doesn't fall apart without me.

Did I mention that I miss Raechelle? This is a really odd, vulnerable feeling. But it's incredibly good... because I haven't felt this level of trust in many years.

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