Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Daily Couples Horoscope (Taurus)

No one understands you quite like your sweetheart. If there's something on your mind, they'll want to know about it. Talking it over with them will help to ease your worries.

* * *

Tyler was being antisocial yesterday, so I took Kayleigh up to Ballard. It was her first time seeing Raechelle's apartment. We walked to the DoL to get her new car tabs, and then walked to Zak's for some burgers. Came back and played some music for each other, and Kayleigh read Shel Silverstein and played Raechelle's keyboard while we talked. R's still sick, and we've had to cancel or postpone a few events this week so that she can be in good form this weekend.

Hoping to get to the mowing in front today, while it's sunny.

One of the first things I saw out my office window this morning was our big ol' neighborhood raccoon being chased across the street and into my neighbor's yard by four crows. I don't know if four crows constitutes a murder, but they're taking over my hood. I've never advocated violence toward animals, but these crows have become prolific and aggressive recently (especially after this year's fledglings moved out). I may find a use for my Airsoft pellet guns (aside from being props in movies) if they continue to harass me in my yard. Nothing lethal or damaging, just a little surprise to let em know they are also interlopers in my territory.

Speaking of territory (but not interlopers), I forgot to mention that on our way to Caleb's gathering on Saturday, we passed a car going the other way on 35th. A car containing Raechelle's ex, Steve (and his current girlfriend). Apparently they are also here in West Seattle. Bless her heart, Raechelle asked me if she could text him. I thanked her for considering my feelings, and assured her that I wasn't the least bit weirded out. They exchanged a couple "small world" texts, I got a proxy hello from Steve and we all had a laugh.

Small world indeed. I think the Universe has an impeccable sense of humor. I say, roll with it (or become the butt of the joke).


Anonymous said...
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aderkon said...

I love reading & thinking about synchronicity and symbolic encounters with animals. I got a lot out of a book called "C.G. Jung's Psychology of Synchronicity" (Robert Aziz) which examines some theories Jung was working on at the end of his life. I'm about to blog on an animal encounter that Michelle & I had.

tbone said...

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