Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fifty Things

Thanks to The Bloggess for setting precedent, although she only did 29. I'm not necessarily tagging people with this meme, but if you feel like it, I'm all about the self-validation exercises.

Fifty Things I Like About Myself (in totally random order)
  1. I'm relatively smart (although there's been some beer since my GATE programs in school).
  2. I'm not hideous to look at.
  3. I'm a good dad.
  4. I love my children unconditionally.
  5. I'm mentally & emotionally present in most situations.
  6. I'm a loving & conscientious partner.
  7. I'm a passionate lover.
  8. I'm a planner.
  9. I'm a creative dynamo.
  10. I bathe daily.
  11. I have decent credit.
  12. I live within my means (with the occasional splurge on the right occasion).
  13. I have encyclopedic knowledge of obscure media & cultural references.
  14. I'm a decent director.
  15. But I'm a better writer.
  16. I make friends easily.
  17. I keep friends a long time.
  18. I was a good boyfriend and husband to the same woman for over 20 years.
  19. I've been through hell and back, and lived to tell the tale.
  20. Because of that, I'm pretty much emotionally fearless.
  21. I have the market cornered on perspective.
  22. I'm an expert communicator. Sometimes to a fault (if there can possibly be such a thing).
  23. I'm usually even-tempered.
  24. I'm big (and sometimes intimidating when I need to be).
  25. I'm strong.
  26. I'm a protector, an advocate.
  27. I see the big picture, always.
  28. I like animals.
  29. I know how to steer a compass course and tack in a sailboat.
  30. I have traveled outside of the country.
  31. I'm funny as hell. Like, milk-out-the-nose funny.
  32. I do some decent impressions (James Mason & Sean Connery are the best).
  33. I have a good sense of design aesthetics and composition.
  34. I'm a visual thinker.
  35. I have a very tight relationship with my family.
  36. I have a very tight connection to the Universe.
  37. I've brewed my own beer.
  38. My first film was featured on PBS.
  39. I raised my brother and sister when my folks split up and we were shuttled between households.
  40. I'm cultured without being a snob.
  41. I have the patience of a saint.
  42. But I suffer no fools.
  43. I vote.
  44. I'm an alpha male who feels secure enough to be vulnerable in the right context.
  45. I'm self-taught on the guitar and piano.
  46. I'm a good host.
  47. I can walk in different worlds (from a sci-fi convention to a jazz club), and hold an intelligent conversation in all of them.
  48. I'm generous.
  49. I'm tactile.
  50. I realize life is finite, and try every day to make the lives of my loved ones a bit better.
No you go...


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

#38. Kick-ass.

tbone said...

Wow, thanks for dropping by! :) I'm flattered.

antiem said...

Awesome. Inspired me to list my own!