Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Don't Wanna Jinx It...

...but I think I'm finally looking at the end of this bug. After a week of rasping and croaking, coughing and hacking, I actually had a relatively decent night's sleep, and have a bit more vocal tone. I'm sticking with the warm tea/lemon/honey and Vicks 44, and keep sucking on Ricola lemon-honey-echinacea drops (those things are miraculous).

It's been rough not seeing Raechelle for the last couple days, and I feel badly that I haven't been able to go care for her while she's been home from work sick. But we've been keeping up on the phone (as much as I can) and email, and have been developing an ever-deepening trust and respect. So I guess this physical separation is good for working on the more cerebral and emotional aspects of the blossoming relationship. Thankfully, I get to go have dinner with her tonight.

Blew through my Netflix this week - one of the only benefits of being sick with no voice. You can ignore the phone with impunity and watch movies. Yesterday I barely made it through Apocalypto, Mel Gibson's movie about how the Mayans were already on the verge of ruin when the Europeans arrived (so the resulting butchery and genocide wasn't really the fault of Catholic Spain). I can honestly say, after having seen both Apocalypto and The Passion of the Christ, Gibson was a much better filmmaker before the crazy. In his defense, his films are always beautiful, but they are also often extremely graphic and interminable, as well as not-so-subliminally partisan (and I say that as a fan of Braveheart). If I want slow motion blood, I'll watch a Sam Peckinpah flick - it'll take less time.

Also watched The Girl Next Door, which I found to be a charming little romantic comedy. I've become a fan of Emile Hirsch (ever since I first noticed him in The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys), and I love the work of Timothy Olyphant and James Remar. Plus Elisha Cuthbert is beautiful. Worth watching simply for Olyphant as a freaky porn producer with the best line in the film: "It's a gift."

As I wrote yesterday, the kids are now out of school, and are taking the opportunity to sleep in today. However we have a counseling appointment later this morning, and a half hour later I have a meeting at Tyler's school. I got the summer school paperwork and filled it out. Now we'll see what he needs to do to move up to high school.

Being sick for a week has put me severely behind in my work, and I will need to devote some time to catching up over the next few days. And just as the sun is coming out. Meh.

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