Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And Another Thing...

Where the heck is the sun the forecast promised us? I need to mow my jungle.

So I'm still not quite up to par. Kayleigh went back to school today, and Tyler walked her to the bus stop - and he took the garbage out on his way. He's still claiming too sick to go to school, and he may have given up, seeing as how there's one more week. But still, I thought it was nice that he's making an effort at peace here at home.

I'm still in my sweats, looking like (as Raechelle put it) the Unibomber. Had a productive cough this morning, which has died down to a random huff every now and again. I could probably push through and go to the screening tonight, but honestly nobody likes the guy hacking up a lung in the back of the theater. Dan has told me to stay home and rest, and I probably should. I really want to be better so I can go to lunch tomorrow (so Raechelle can meet my mom & stepdad).

Gonna grab a nice hot shower, get back in my sweats and sleep away the afternoon. It's amazing what you can get away with when you're sick. Have a great screening, Mr. Heinrich. You know I love ya.

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Ann said...

Hot showers and sleep are some of the best medicine! Although a codiene cough syrup works nicely for the hacking lung ;-) Glad you and the kids are feeling better!