Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Collectibles Goes Live

I can't believe I haven't posted anything new since Sam's birthday, but I assure you there was good reason.  The Collectibles premiered at Emerald City Comicon on April 1st, and went live on the interwebs the next day.  We're releasing a new episode every Monday.

As great as the reaction has been, some friends and family are hesitant to jump in because they "don't get" superheroes or comic books or that kind of thing.  But The Collectibles is not about comic book superheroes.  It's about every cube farm in which you've ever worked, and the co-workers just happen to be superheroes.  You don't watch shows like The Office because you work in commercial paper sales.  You watch it because everyone has had a boss like Michael or a co-worker like Dwight.  If you've ever worked in a soul-sucking corporate environment (show of hands?), you'll "get" The Collectibles.

Here's the pilot:

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