Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Players

No, not referencing the English neo-lounge duo.  I'm referring to the packed weekend in which we managed to be all kinds of productive while not exhausting ourselves.  We were up early Saturday to head to the Lynnwood office location of The Collectibles, meeting a skeleton crew to shoot some promo material for the show, including this:

And this:

And this:

The rest of Saturday consisted of Raechelle and me running errands, Halloween shopping, grocery shopping, and then retiring to the house for Halloween decorating and what ended up being a 5-hour Mad Men marathon.  We're getting Raechelle caught up for the new season.

Sunday morning consisted of me shopping and cooking brunch while Raechelle cleaned.  I made a nice brunch and we watched the first half of the Seahawks game (which was the team's first victory in the east in 5 years), then Brian Beardsley and I roughed out the second half of Airship Daedalus chapter three while Rae cheered from the living room (not us, the Hawks game).  Then Dan Humphrey (aka The Quick) and I went over some editing notes for The Collectibles.  Then Dan Heinrich called and we ended up heading over to Dan & Trish's for dinner and another couple Mad Men episodes.  When we got home, I colored and lettered today's Daedalus strip, uploaded it, then turned my attention to editing the PSAs for The Collectibles.

I've been really inspired to write recently - not just throwing stuff into the blog, but real screenplay material.  I did a writing pass on The Collectibles episodes 4 and 5, and have made a start on the Daedalus script for chapter 4.  Also been thinking more seriously about Green Light.  Tomorrow we rehearse Sorry Wrong Number with our Foley guys.

Exciting times.

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