Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy as a Triple-Booked Bee

As you can see, the schedule has been a bit full as of late, and it shows no sign of letting up any time soon.  Between coloring and lettering a couple Airship Daedalus strips a week, there have been almost nightly Skype teleconferences with production partners and advisers both near and far, a new web series project, revisions to the OA pitch, and end-of-year school events/family plans. 

Kayleigh, Raechelle and I performed our first "gig" as Heartsick on Saturday, as per Raechelle's post.  It was a nice, low-pressure way for Kayleigh to unveil her guitar skills in a public setting.  Afterward, we went to Steve & Steph's to celebrate Steve's birthday and serenade him a bit as well.

The Northern Empires book has been submitted to Amazon for POD, and pending a minor issue with the spine text, should be available soon.  The first proof looked gorgeous.  It's a good addition to the Arrowflight Second Edition line.

Screened The Whisperer in Darkness during SIFF with production partner Landon.  There was a lot to like (especially the lighting and photography).  There were also some questionable choices made (the bane of being a filmmaker is having an opinion on everything).  But overall, another achievement for the HPLHS.

The next few weeks are heavy on the preproduction for the aforementioned web series, as well as nailing down the OA pitch a bit more.  Mad props to high school filmmaking buddy Scott, for his patience and amazing insight on said pitch.  We're fortunate to have his assistance, and grateful for it.  On the web series, we're joined at the producer level by the Gore Sisters, with whom I've worked twice previously.  They did costumes, makeup and props for my music video "On and On", and costumes and props for Darlene Sellers' "Second Season".  They are crazy good at what they do, and their spirit and enthusiasm is infectious.  Really looking forward to doing this project, which I will fill you in on as is appropriate.

Until next time...

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