Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My, how time flies when you're in preproduction and fighting a cold.  Simultaneously.  Yes, it's been quite the circus at the Circle-D Ranch over the past couple weeks.  It occurs that the last time I posted was just prior to Tyler's 16th birthday - which was, to be diplomatic, a less-than-stellar event.  While I won't go into specifics (for the sake of Tyler's privacy), it would be naive to pretend that his issues have no impact upon the family; they do, in a big way.  I remember what being 16 felt like, and much of our patience derives from that.  But there are much deeper, organic issues at work, which make for a very tense, difficult family life.  And we'd be remiss as parents if we just shrugged, chalked it up to mere adolescence, and let him self-destruct.  So we've taken a much stronger position and begun vastly more comprehensive therapeutic measures.

So that's the homefront.  Oh yeah, and I got Kayleigh's cold from a couple weeks ago.  That was fun.

Now, onto the work stuff, wherein I am tasked with directing the music video for "On And On" by Seattle nerd-rock band Kirby Krackle.  I have a complete behind-the-scenes post forming in my head, but right now it's a bit premature.  What I can say about the project is that it's a fan film for a beloved comic book character, as well as a promotional video for the band.  And we start shooting in a week.  It'll be great working with some of my favorite film folks, as well as some new contacts.

I also picked up Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection, which has everything I could possibly need for my dual vocation of publisher & filmmaker.  Finishing that last portion of Arrowflight Second Edition and storyboarding "On And On".

It's very exciting.

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