Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh, the Wackiness

Well well well, where does the time go?

It's been a week of challenges here at the Circle-D Ranch.  Challenges of the familial, personal, professional and emotional variety.  I got the results of my blood work, and aside from the bad cholesterol being just over the recommended limit (and which I'm lowering even now with my high-fiber/low-animal-fats diet) everything is in the green.  So that's nice.

The weekend was relatively leisurely, considering what we usually have going on.  A birthday party for Trish, movies, walks, a live show by ThorNton Creek (followed by hilarity and vinyl LPs at Kim & Tim's), a trip to the ballet for The Mrs., and some non-work-related online time for me. We capped off the long weekend with a screening of the classic '80s fantasy cheesefest The Beastmaster (featuring a shaved and oiled Marc Singer and a notably topless Tanya Roberts in a role that had a huge impact on my adolescence).  We muttered MST3K commentary at the screen.  I think The Mrs. enjoyed it.  I would say it's pretty much impossible to hate a movie that uses the word "phantasmagorical" in the trailer.

After several weeks of Tyler issues being on an upswing, we had a meltdown last night, which meant nobody got any sleep.  While trying to keep a semblance of calm, I received a text from Ron in the hospital.  Surprise appendectomy. And I've been dealing with a sinus infection/head cold on top of everything else.  So there's that.

Then today, Steve H. had to reschedule our Arrowflight art meeting for the third time this week due to car trouble.

Undaunted (or at least not particularly full of daunt), I set my sails and cruised the Sea of Productivity, giving a final once-over to the Arrowflight manuscript before sending it off to editor Mark Bruno in Chicago.  I also continued on the preliminary layout.  Playtesting should commence next week.

At this moment, The Mrs. and I are on our respective laptops, blogging in bed.  I'm sure that says something about us, but I'm not sure I want to know what.


Dan Heinrich said...

I don't think you should be talking about the huge impact you had as an adolescent after seeing Tanya Roberts topless. It's a litte gauche.

TD said...

Says you.