Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Power of Insomnia

For the past little bit, we've had Mercury AND Mars in retrograde, which I guess astrologically means that people not only can't communicate effectively, but they're mad as heck about it.  Seemed like the moment that was done (last Friday night), something lifted and we had our energy back.

This is not always a good thing.

Case in point: "having energy" for me is a double-edged sword, because it means that, although I will be productive, I will also get f*ck-all in terms of sleep.  Note the timestamp on this post.  So when Saturday arrived and I was up at 5AM, I was on a trajectory of crashing early.  Imagine my, um, surprise when Rae emerged smiling from the bedroom at 8AM and in the cheeriest of tones proceeded to list all the things she wanted to accomplish that day.

"Who are you, and what have you done with my wife?  She is groggy and cranky in the morning, and you are downright perky."  I scratched my head, but went along for the ride.  See Mrs. Downing's post for all the stuff we did.  To hear her tell it, I may as well not have been there (and certainly wasn't present a great deal of the shopping trip - too busy wondering when the twister was going to finally deposit me in Oz).  I felt like a rodeo bull rider at times, but I held on for dear life and didn't get stomped or gored.  So I guess I win.

Rewinding a bit, on Thursday night we'd met Steve & Stephanie for dinner at West 5, as per our Christmas coupon from them.  Some good food, cocktails and plenty of laughs.  Then off to a couple venues on the West Seattle Art Walk, ending at ArtsWest.  It was a good night out.

Friday was all about doing laundry and experiencing the aftermath of Raechelle's fillings.  She'd left work early for the dentist appointment, and by the time she got home, she was miserable.  Which made Saturday that much more of a freak occurrence.  But we ended up doing the pizza-movie night thing anyway, and Tyler had Miles over.  We've covered Saturday.  She was an extremely clean hurricane.  I helped out when asked, but otherwise tended to my own stuff and generally tried to stay out of her way.  Sunday was Kayleigh's turn to have a friend overnight.  Monday was the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, yesterday I had my second session with the therapist, and now you're all caught up.

Oh yes.  Energy.  Yesterday was a banner day for productivity.  I got three complete sections imported, edited and formatted for Arrowflight, and as if that weren't enough, I was able to muster enough gumption to work on the Green Light script a bit with Mrs. Downing.  We managed to get her arc through the second act, and I finally forced myself to sleep at about 11:30.

And awoke - alert and ready - at 4AM.  I will have to try to be productive early today, because I know a crash is coming later.  Maybe this is the Universe smacking me down and telling me not to be such an overachiever.  But I don't know any other way to be.

Which is probably what the therapy is for.

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