Friday, November 13, 2009

Out Of Office Reply

You've reached Todd & Raechelle Downing. We're not in right now*, but leave your comments and we'll respond as soon as we return.**

* We're having an absolute BLAST in Kauai. Remind me to tell you about the eight-hour lightning storm. Best vacation evar.

** Maybe not "as soon as". We'll need some time to readjust to real life.


Anonymous said...

Did you not remember that your mothers read this blog??? Watch the pictures! Just kidding. After talking with Mrs. Downing tonight, I'm totally jealous! Have fun.

Love to both of you,
Mom Annie/Annette

Anonymous said...

Cute photo and very clever answering machine message. Now get back to the serious business of umbrella drinks and SPF 30 sunscreen :-)

Question: Do they have Maui chips on Kauai, or are they called Kauai chips?

Big hugs,
Mom (NP)

Anonymous said...

NP's right. Very cute photo. I hope the two of you are having the time of your lives - - it appears so. And you both oh so deserve it! Love You Both. MM

Elizabeth said...

Todd! It is the best thing ever to see you so happy. I've been following your blog for YEARS now and it has been a privilege to see how you have handled setbacks with grace and have welcomed love and life with your usual gusto. May you and Raechelle have an incredibe marriage! My heart is thrilled for you! Sam must be smiling. If you guys ever come through Tennessee, come see us!

Elizabeth LeVieux Wilson