Monday, August 31, 2009

So Done... So Very Very Done.

This home selling/buying thing is really old now. I know we chose the worst possible time to put our home on the market, but we were trying to seize an opportunity - and that opportunity is now no longer an option.

So this past weekend, we entertained a low-ball offer on the current house while searching for a backup to buy. And by bedtime last night, we were cranky, tired and I had these really neat abdominal cramps. No stress here.

I'm still not going into any detail here, as nothing is a done deal yet. We countered the offer, and we found a viable property that, while it's in a perfect location and has much that is perfect for us, there are a few really key attributes which are less than ideal.

No wonder I only buy a new house every 15 years or so.

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