Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Curb Appeal

The last week or so has been an exercise in beautification for the front of the house. My stepdad came down from Bellingham twice to help me get a porch rail and banisters constructed for the front porch. We also poured a new concrete step and spread bark in the planter areas in front of the house. Once the painting is done, the curb appeal of the place will go way up. Just having the railing on makes the place feel more secure and focuses the flow up to the front door.

Our greatest challenge turned out to be when we discovered there wasn't a square angle on that old porch, considering the posts are 80 years old. So we started square and then fudged on the side of visual appeal, realizing that if we made the new construction 100% square, a) it wouldn't match up; and b) it would accentuate to older non-plumb angles. So at least the new construction looks like it belongs on a restored 1922 craftsman home.

This last weekend was also the opening of The Music Man. I'm so proud of Kayleigh. She's in a bunch of the show, singing, dancing, acting her heart out, on her cues and really in the moment. This will be her last show with the younger kids. From now on, she will be in the teen groups, which she's looking forward to. Soon she'll be getting lines.

I can't say enough about the show. The performances are all terrific, and there's no lack of vocal talent. My buddy Raff was made to play Professor Harold Hill, and he owns it throughout. And once again Travis steals the show with his Chaplin-esque town magistrate.

Things have been settling into a groove on the wedding and home fronts. It's a welcome change, and it's made the relationship with TFMD quite a bit more comfy. We've been making time for the occasional dinner or cocktail date. She's less stressed, I'm less stressed. And lo and behold, we have more energy and focus. Go figure.

Sunday was the rescheduled Duo: Issue #0 shoot, and it went off pretty flawlessly. It was a joy to be working with my OA crew again (Anthony, Dan Humphrey, Eric Riedmann and Trish Loyd Heinrich). It was my second time being on set with Dan Heinrich, and the experience cemented for me the necessity of working with such a competent, creative counterpart. It was also momentous because Khanh Doan and I had not been on a set together before, and she'd been cast in the role five years ago. Aside from one scene rehearsal prior to shelving the Duo feature in 2005, she'd had no outlet for her character. So it was truly great to finally work together.

It should be noted that just prior to the Duo shoot, Eric Riedmann had auditioned for a featured role in an episode of Leverage with Timothy Hutton. After we wrapped, he got the word that he got it, and he's currently in Portland on the Leverage set, working opposite Hutton and Jeri Ryan. I have to say that's pretty cool. Nice work, Mr. Eric.

Life is good, and I am grateful for it.

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Nice work. Looks great!