Friday, July 17, 2009

What a Week

This is what our weeks have become: colored blocks of virtual time management. According to the key to the left, the blue areas are primarily mine, the pink primarily Raechelle's. Some of mine she needs to attend, some of hers I need to attend. We tag-team on the red and orange blocks (Tyler and Kayleigh, respectively), although I'm on the hook for those 80-90% of the time. Just one of the joys of parenting.

Along with being a schedule Nazi.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I kinda look forward to driver's licenses and those first beater cars, and the independence to keep one's own schedule.

"So, a lot has been going on this week," stated Captain Obvious as he knocked back his third shot of tequila.

Speaking of which, we have the Kirby Krackle show tonight, a screening of Moon tomorrow, and lots of house cleaning and organization on Sunday. Sometime in there, I'm gonna try to sleep.

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