Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thar Be Traysure Here!

Just when you think you've gone through all the old artwork and photos and financial records from your twenty-year relationship, there's always another little file box. You know, the plastic ones you thought had melted in the fire, or at least had failed to protect whatever was inside...

Stuff like these band photos (by Randy Hensel) from the college Mozart Air Raid days:

Or, even further back in time:

Along with four metric assloads of old scripts, short stories, novels, and original Zingo comic strips.

Stuff like that can be a real emotional roller coaster. Fortunately a lot of it was pre-Sam, so it didn't contain a lot of that particular brand of melancholy. And I was able to get rid of a whole garbage bag of stuff. So there's that.

Summer is here, which means I've been having to train the kids to respect the office as sacrosanct. No walking up behind me and just launching into a question or conversation; knock and ask first. It also means doing a daily list of chores for both kids. If they're not in school, by golly, they're pulling their weight in this household.

Got a couple shoots coming up and a lot on our collective househunting and wedding prep plate, but we're doing well, in total. I've also had a great time making new contacts in the local film scene and working with Dan & Trish on both the Duo and OA series projects.

Tune in next time when I discover yet another long lost file box full of memories... and throw half of them in the recycle bin.


Marcia said...

Great old photos. I like the tie and suspenders, too.

Lucy Leadskin said...

Oh no! Not Zingo! Man, I would *love* a few of those old strips. [Hint, hint]

Unless they're gone. In that case, oh well. :D

Hugs and congrats in more cleaning and organizing! May your home gleam in sun.

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Was the photo of you in the tie and suspenders taken during the summer drama workshop at San Jose State? Looks like you might have been rehearsing your soliloquy :-)


TD said...

Thanks for the comments, folks!

@Mom: the SJSU summer theater workshop was in 1982 (age 14), and I didn't yet own a suit. These pics are from a Mozart Air Raid band shoot in 1988. I was 20 and going to Foothill College.