Friday, July 24, 2009

Pre-Weekend Update

Well, here we go. Another plunging hill on the roller coaster of life. Put your arms up and scream like a girl.

We have made the house beautiful and pristine. I think the last time it looked this good was just before we moved back in after the reconstruction. It simply sparkles. Ron came by on Wednesday and shot pics, and emailed them to the agent last night. She will come by this morning and have me sign off on the last of the listing paperwork, and then the sign gets stuck in the front yard. Bam! - house for sale.

I still have a few cosmetic things on my punch list. I have a few scuffs on doors and baseboards to paint. I have to get up on the roof and sweep out the gutters. The landscapers are here, chopping up everything and making the yard all pretty. What sucks is that I woke up at 1:30AM and 3:30AM, and the second time I never got back to sleep. Too much going on in my head.

Some good omens this morning have put me in a positive mood. Let's hope it carries through. Maybe I can catch a nap later.

Weekend ahoy!


Sandi said...

I hate it when too many thoughts keep me up. Sometimes I find it better just to give up because the sleep I DO manage to get stinks. Anyway good luck with everything and getting it all done. :)

konradical said...

good luck on the sale & your upcoming move!