Tuesday, June 16, 2009


By all rights I should not feel as good as I currently do. Last night was spent in the ER, but this time not for me - for Tyler. But this time not for psychiatric evaluation - for the concussion he gave himself when he was running for a bus stop near the Junction, tripped and lost a fight with the sidewalk.

Life as a parent is one giant lesson in how to take things in stride without going fruitbasket-crazy. I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.

Case in point: I had a nice long meditation and moment of Zen regarding The Tyler Conundrum. Without descending into detail, the result was that I was able to release that sense of guilt that most all parents possess - you know, that little inner critic who blames you for your offspring turning out a certain way, as if you didn't actually do everything possible at every step of the way to give them the tools necessary for success? That's the one. Well it's been tarred, feathered and driven from the premises, hopefully to be heard from no more.

I'm focusing on the greater good: an upcoming wedding, summer activities for the kids, and Househunt II: The Return of Househunt. We've got six properties to go see tonight. And things like this make me happy. I've been re-inspired creatively and on a basic human level. So, with that...

Yabba dabba friggin' doo.


Mack said...

good job!

Lucy Leadskin said...

Right on! You've done an AMAZING job raising two kids, and now you've got a AMAZING hawt grrl to boot.

Woo-hoo! Looking forward to the wedding!

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