Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Fine Routine

I'm quite happy to report the weekend passed with very little teen/adult conflict. Sunday was spent having a really nice Father's Day with my family: lunch at Lombardi's in Ballard, followed by Up at the Majestic Bay.

Oh my gawd.

You know, I have traditionally come off as somewhat rabid in my love of Pixar films, but trust me on this - nobody has come close to this animated film in any other (certainly nothing in the Disney vault comes close). Grave of the Fireflies is probably the only animated film that gutted me as much.

The first ten minutes had Raechelle and me in tears. It's an incredibly uplifting and powerful story with wonderful characters. It's also probably the heaviest in Pixar's catalog.

After the movie, we headed to my stepmother's apartment complex for my sister-in-law's grad party. With yummy food. And a cheesecake ice cream cake. That's right. An ice cream cake made with cheesecake-flavored ice cream. That's all kinds of rich and decadent. And it was about all I could handle in the oversaturation department. Kayleigh had play rehearsal, so we had to head back and had ourselves a nice, quiet evening.

Monday was a runaround day, with a school meeting, a well child exam, grocery run and transport to Kayleigh's friend's birthday party in Burien. Raechelle and I made homemade soft tacos, Spanish rice and margaritas, and Tyler joined us for dinner and The Transporter. I think Raechelle liked it.

Today was all kinds of busy, finalizing the monogram Raechelle and I will be using for the wedding (and possibly beyond), and still more running around. The kids are out of school, and we've found a way to keep them busy: post lists of chores on the fridge. This usually keeps them active outdoors and hanging out with friends as they try to dodge the chores they will have if they stay at home. Smart.

Now I need to dig out more financials.




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Sandi said...

sounds like you are keeping busy. I am checking out that movie. I like tear jerkers honestly. Happy Belated Father's Day to you.