Monday, April 27, 2009

Three For Three

TFMD beat me to this week's weekend update. Check it.

Friday went pretty much as planned. Took a walk to the produce stand and had a nice little jaunt through the hood. Had Niki and Todd over for pizza and Braveheart. And when put in the context of a cultural event (Niki and I providing a sort of historical Scotsmentary for the film), TFMD actually liked it a lot.

Saturday consisted mostly of taking our cars to their respective dealerships to get their required maintenance. Car Pros gave us a loaner while Ruby was in, so we got some breakfast and poked around at JoAnn. Found some cool black garden stones (but didn't buy any). Also got a wrought iron bird feeder hanger for the back yard. Then we went to PaperZone and I got my graphic design on.

In an effort to earn some money, Tyler mowed the entire back yard on Friday, and the entire front yard on Saturday. Then he rode Raechelle's bike over to his friend Miles' house. And Kayleigh had been invited over to her friend Darian's.

Carpe Diem!

So Raechelle and I headed down to Ama Ama on California Ave for happy hour. The hostess and I geeked out about how the place was a Godfather's Pizza many moons ago. I discovered I don't like Cosmos. But I absolutely loved their salad. We were going to check out the Feedback Lounge, which was opening that night, but it was absolutely packed (and we all know how my fiancee LOVES the crowds), so we headed back home. I let her pick the movie, and to my pleasant surprise, she chose the Australian Macbeth film. And loved it.

Two for two.

Picked up Tyler and the bike from Miles' house. Along with Miles. The boys played videogames until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday greeted us with zero gumption, despite it being a pretty nice day. Picked up Kayleigh, and took my girls to Barnes & Noble for some coffee. Then we packed up everyone and went to see Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D. Raechelle had never seen a 3D movie, and she'd suggested the plan when I returned with Kayleigh. It was pricey, even for a matinee, but the movie was entertaining. In the interest of full disclosure, I am (and have always been) a Pixar snob. In my opinion, none of the other CG studios have come close in terms of character and story (although Disney has come close with Meet the Robinsons and Bolt!), but MvA was quite good and I found myself laughing aloud several times.

So, three movies screened, three movies enjoyed by the girl. I think it has everything to do with mood and environment.

Sunday evening found us sitting outdoors at Pegasus, and we wound up the weekend by holing up in the sanctuary and watching some Futurama. Kayleigh was so kind to have shared her virus with me, so now I'm sucking down the green tea and hitting the Vitamin C and echinacea Ricola drops.

I should be good to go by this evening, as we have Steph and Isabella coming over for dinner. Another rollicking, frolicking week ahead. Sweet Jeebus.

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