Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bleeding Fingers

© 2009 Ron Dugdale Photography

Well not quite, but close. Practiced a lot yesterday. Getting my chops back (yet again).

You see, at the engagement party, TFMD (while imbibing impressive quantities of wine) promised Kyle that we'd have a 20-minute live set together by March. And while I have a good 45 minutes of And Tears Fell material I can do solo, and Rae has a few of her own faves she can do solo, that misses the whole point of Buzzkill Bride. It's all about the collaboration. It's why she answered the Craigslist ad in the first place, after all.

So I practiced for a couple hours yesterday, and after dinner, we both practiced for another hour and a half. The set is shaking out. We have some loyal covers, some originals, and some coffee-house arrangements of songs you'd never expect. And we're getting close to comfortable with most of the material. I like the vibe. It's collaborative without being competitive, and it's different than my usual thing.

But it's also weird having Rae sing any of the And Tears Fell material. Weirder than it was having Muriel sing on the CD. I'm sure it's similar to Rae feels about my contributions to some of her older and more personal material.

I'm looking forward to recording again, and having Kyle producing. Other producers always bring out the better aspects of my music, and Kyle's a guy I've been wanting to work with since we met at Emerald City last year.

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