Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Again With The Snow

Yeah, it's dumping on us again. Big, thick, puffy flakes. Fortunately, none of it is sticking. At least not much of it is.

Had a nice dinner of crock pot stew with the family last night, followed by Martian Child with my wimminz. Then to bed.

Awoke this morning with a sense of purpose and in a fine mood. As soon as Kayleigh was at school, I took off to check out Brian Beardsley's studio as a location for the first Duo short. The space is too small, but the facility rents larger spaces by the day, so we can easily dress it. There are some other options too.

Headed back from Lake City Way to the Admiral district of West Seattle, got TFMD a little somethin'-somethin' for Valentine's Day, then hit the post office to mail off the mortgage, then down to Burien to drop Kayleigh's clarinet at the shop for a small repair, then back to Westwood for a brief stop at Target and finally Taco Del Mar for lunch -- because I apparently have a short memory when it comes to food.

Walked in the door into the ready-made conflict Tyler had handcrafted for me. It was a mess. A heated, adrenalized, ugly mess. And suddenly the sense of accomplishment and productivity I'd earned this morning came crashing down. Thank goodness for counseling in about two hours.

As I've typed this, the snow on the carport roof has begun to stick. Although I doubt we're looking at Snowmageddon II: Snowpocalypse Boogaloo, it's nonetheless quite heavy at the moment. And pretty. Fortunately the streets are looking clear, and I only have to drive across West Seattle one more time today.

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H~ said...

Taco del Mar...yummmm.... I dream of Taco del Mar mmmmmmmmmmm

Just don't send that snow this way again!!!