Thursday, January 15, 2009


Forgive the bullety nature of this post, but I feel the need to just get this stuff out there so that I can start blogging anew with a fresh mind.

  • Tyler had his sleep study consult. He is scheduled for an overnight sleep study in March. Earlier if someone else cancels.
  • It takes some readjustment to everyday normalcy when you've been on Planet West Virginia. And that is not to speak any ill whatsoever of WV - it's just a very different place, and not familiar to me like the Pacific Northwest.
  • I picked Raechelle up at the airport last Sunday, and we spent the night at the hotel in Tacoma where her training seminar was being held the following day. While she was in her seminar, I found a Starbucks and set up shop. In rapid succession, I finished the OA series pilot, wrote three shorts based on the Duo characters and took some additional notes on a somewhat secret feature project that only a few people know about. All in all, just short of 20 pages in 4 hours, which for me is a new writing record for screenplay work.
  • Talked to my cast about the shorts - all the locals are in.
  • Talked to Kyle about new music for the shorts - he's in too.
  • I baked peanut butter cookies last night.
  • Raechelle and I have a tour of a possible wedding venue tonight. Tomorrow night we are back to our regularly scheduled Friday Movie Nite.
  • That's all for now.

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