Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I thought I was proud to be an American back in November.

I didn't think I could have been prouder.

I was wrong. I am much prouder today.

I am so happy to have a leader who is well-spoken, charismatic and determined. I am inspired. I am energized.

Let's do this.

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konradical said...

Isn't it amazing? The question, "did you believe you'd live to see the day we'd have a black president" was asked so often it became a joke, but for me, as I by chance took in the inauguration in a store full of people who stopped what they were doing to watch, the question was, "did you believe you'd live to feel this moved by a politician?" No, I didn't, but I was. To feel a sense of purpose uniting the country is a gift and I expect to see it's more than a sentiment if we all run with it.