Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quick Update

It's actually above freezing for once. There is a very slooooooow melt underway, with more snow promised in the wee hours of the morning. We may actually have a white Christmas.

We tried to get Ruby out of the driveway this morning - a driveway packed with 6" of snow and ice in various strata. Shoveling was out, due to my bum shoulder from the wipeout yesterday. I tried blazing a trail with Sportacus, to no avail. And shoveling the expanse of graded driveway was out of the question if we were to have any energy left. Raechelle finally got a ride to work and said it was a veritable white-knuckle ballet.

The kids sledded some more, then we walked to Taco Del Mar and grabbed some lunch. Kayleigh and I watched A Prairie Home Companion, which was cute. I used to listen to the radio show growing up, but I didn't find the film particularly compelling (despite an amazing cast). It wasn't bad, it was just... meh.

I did a bunch of bookkeeping and (computer) housekeeping, and then took a second trip to Westwood, to the (God help me) post office and grocery store. Everywhere was packed with human sardines clearing the shelves of every last provision. The QFC was (get this) out of eggs.


I grabbed some soup and grilled cheese sandwich makings. Raechelle finally made it home after another white-knuckle trip, and we're gonna hole up tonight. Being snowed in is good for something, right?


Gary Burlingame said...

But, but, the movie has Meryl Streep in it!! I guess you're right, though, that's all I remember about it.

Heather said...

I like Rae's hat xxx See you tonight.