Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Day of That Variety...

Enjoy the weirdness (weirditude? weirdiocity?) of TBGE over at (My New) Life Out Here. Her first post this morning put me in a really surreal frame of mind. Now, I've seen some pretty weird Google searches that get folks to my blog, and we've kind of had an unofficial contest going to see whose readers were weirder.

She wins.

(Present company excluded.)

Anyway, yesterday started out a bummer and kind of descended from there. All the stress (augmented by my caffeine intake) finally caught up with me, and by about 5PM, I was useless. I did walk to the store with Rae for dinner fixings. Made some grilled cheese sandwiches while she heated up the soup. Then I retreated to the quiet of the bedroom for awhile to watch some classic holiday television programming while Rae supervised Tyler's cake baking and Kayleigh worked on a story she's writing.

I gathered a bit of strength later, enough to help put the kids to bed. But I was out pretty quickly afterward.

Today I started with a cup of Scottish Breakfast Tea, and am steering clear of the bean for a few days. I took Tyler (and his cake) into the Teen Health Center at the high school, and his counselor exclaimed, "Oh, look how handsome you both are!" There I was, un-showered, in my worn jeans and baggy gray hoodie, half-awake and car keys in hand. I'm not used to being called "handsome" all that often, and usually only by my partner. It was nice, of course, but kind of a surreal addition to an already surreal morning.

I guess it's a day of the "WTF?" variety.

I do have a massage today, which should help my outlook dramatically.

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