Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Update

For a relatively packed weekend, it felt really nice and relaxing. Friday was a comedy double feature, for which Raff joined us. Some really yummy import beer, pizza, and laughing, which fortunately set the tone for the weekend.

Saturday started out with a trip to Southcenter to find the girl a nice black dress to wear for the wedding that night. Afternoon was a lot of cleaning and organizing, and TBGE actually made a huge dent in Tyler's room. Watched a little college ball, then got all gussied for Nichole & Dan's wedding out in Maple Valley. So yeah, if you're from the big city and not used to driving around the sticks at night, and the directions don't list distances... let's just say there was some extra driving around. The sticks. At night.

Anyway, it was a lovely ceremony full of humor, followed by food and alcohol. What's not to love? And just being there with Raechelle seemed to have an effect on both of us, in the best way. It was a good night. We danced to Jason Mraz - I'm Yours for the couples' dance.

Sunday morning, Ron came by and shot some more pics of us, my favorite of which is proudly sported on TBGE's blog. Then we had some Taco Del Mar and watched the Hawks/Skins game (gah!), and actually slept through the entire third quarter cuddled up on the sofa.

Sunday night consisted of the weekly grocery shopping, checkbook balancing, cleaning and school/work prep. Throughout the entire weekend, there were fits of laughter which left our ribs aching and our cheeks paralyzed. I can't even remember the context, but it wouldn't matter if I did - so much of what we laugh at is "had to be there" stuff anyway. I don't remember laughing so much in a single 48-hour period. It was like all of our 2-hour phone calls from the early part of our courtship rolled into one weekend.

Which brings me to a special fact about today.

[mushy alert]

Six months ago, Raechelle met me at the Harvard Exit theater, walked right up to me, said "green light" and planted a big ol' kiss on my lips. We've been at this relationship thing ever since. And I think we got a lot of the angst and speedbumps out of the way early, because it sure feels a lot more relaxed and fun now - and it just keeps getting better.

So, happy six months, babe. Looking forward to many more.

[/mushy alert]


kylestevensmusic said...

Awwww Yeah...

Congrats lovebirds. :)

Mack said...

congrats, buddy!