Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Update, a Day Late

Yeah yeah. I know. But we've been busy.

Friday, we postponed movie night so that we could go see Bullshot Crummond at Youngstown. As expected, it was a four-bucket-o-cheese production. What's nice about Bullshot is that it's surgically bad, intentionally slap-dash, and it gives the actors opportunities to really ham it up and chew scenery for an hour and a half. And if any technical gaffes occur, they are easily masked due to the inherently low production values.

Plus, seeing Travis Pavey with a shaved head and Heidelberg scar was totally worth the price of admission. Awesome.

We came home and crashed straightaway. It had been a long, tiring week.

Saturday we slept in! Finally got up and cleaned a bit in preparation for Ron to come and shoot some family photos in the media room. We've got the holidays upon us, and needed to show off the change that's occurred in the lives of four individuals. And a cat. I'm not one for posed photos, thus Ron's ability to capture some really cool candid moments was a nice asset.

After Ron left, we cleaned and organized some more, and we may have wandered down to the mall for some exercise and house supplies. I put up a secondary clothes rod in the closet for Raechelle, a giant wall-hanging coat rack in the hallway between the kids' rooms and two smaller ones in the corner by the carport door for Rae and me. Doug and Ann came over, partly to get their fondue pot from the Halloween party and partly so that Doug could get Rae's computer on the network. Kayleigh got invited to stay the night with a friend who had been having a rough emotional time, and Tyler was going to spend the night at Miles' house, but that plan was squashed at the last minute, much to Tyler's dismay.

Ron and I had talked about going to see Quantum of Solace that evening while Raechelle was at her friend's bachelorette party, but I'd been fighting a bug and ended up staying home and watching Dogma with Tyler. Then he decided to hole up in his room, and I put in Rollerball and Eraserhead, which is kind of like marinating ribs in dish soap. But I hadn't seen either in years, so it was kind of a fun refresher. It reminded me that David Lynch has always been a mad genius, and although I retain a love-hate relationship with his work, I have to admit Henry Spencer would be a really cool (and easily done) Halloween costume. And the award for Most Obscure Reference goes to...

Rae came home just as the tree was gushing blood and the guys were drilling core samples from Henry's severed head. I decided I'd had enough weirdness for one night and turned Eraserhead off, and we went straight to bed.

Sunday morning, Rae slept in while I went to coffee with Ron. He showed me the pics from Saturday and burned me a DVD of them right there in the cafe - gotta love technology. Came home and found the girl in a cleaning frenzy, desperate to organize the bedroom so that we could have a sanctuary while the rest of the house was being organized. We had the Hawks' game on, but there's only so much torment a fan can take. I want to root for them, but it is so very hard when they suck.

I removed part of the pantry area baseboard so that Rae's bookcase could slide in perfectly, and hung pictures. We printed out a few of the black & white family pics and, after a brief trip to Northwest Art & Frame, put them in frames to be put on the wall. Yes, the girl has made the wall. Only appropriate, since she's kinda living here and all.

Tyler and I were supposed to play City of Heroes, but his computer was possessed by demons, so we had to bag that plan. We were both very disappointed. But we had a soft taco assembly line dinner with the kids and Sunday night television before heading to bed to kick off a new week.

I think it was late Sunday night or early Monday morning when the secondary clothes rod in the master bedroom closet popped the wall anchor clean out and collapsed under the weight of many girl clothes. I kept hearing Scotty in my head: "She cannae take no more!" We're looking for alternative shelving for sweaters so she can fee up dresser space for pants, thus taking a lot of weight off the clothes rod. Meanwhile, I will try to repair the bracket and strengthen it, but there's only so much a drywall anchor can do.

Monday was back to work & school. I was a mad, errand-running fool. With a gift for rhyme, apparently. Raechelle mentioned wanting to go out to dinner for the Dine Around Seattle promotion, wherein participating restaurants offer a frou-frou three-course meal for $30. So I got Kayleigh to hang-out with another friend for the evening and we went to Etta's and had a lovely dinner date.

Today is more proactivity, with a Goodwill run and hopefully a lot of writing on the OA pilot. I have my goth playlist blasting in the office as I type this, trying to get me into Angels mode. We have a script meeting Thursday night. Then movie night on Friday, Rae's friend's wedding on Saturday, and the Hawks/Skins game on Sunday (aka Suckfest '08. Sigh).

And Monday, dear readers, will mark our six-month anniversary. Where does the time go?

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Anonymous said...

Punt on the anchors. They'll never hold enough weight. Span a 1"x4" across the studs to support the bar.

Sounds like a good weekend. Congrats on your semiversary, bianniversary, hexalunaversary. Oh, I give up. Just congrats and may the road before you be long and interesting.