Sunday, November 9, 2008


The nice thing about helping friends move is that it obligates them to help you when it's your turn. Since the dawn of time, friends have helped friends move, paid in pizza and beer. And the cycle continues.

It was great to have Dan, Trish and Raff show up to help with Rae's move. The weather was 31 flavors of suck, pelting down rain. I made sure to have a coffee in advance, and I brought a box of donuts to keep the quick carbs and sugar readily available.

We picked up the truck and headed up to Ballard to find the most organized, orderly apartment ready to go. TBGE had labeled everything with the area of the house it was intended for, and had stacked everything by zone, most of it in her living room, ready to go. What's more, she had printed out a load-up chart for the truck and posted it by the front door so we would know what got loaded in which order. The sun broke and the clouds parted for exactly the time it took to load up.

We loaded the contents of Rae's apartment and storage area in 45 minutes and headed back to West Seattle. Raechelle stayed behind to vacuum and drop off her keys.

The kids helped us with the unloading, so we had a few more hands. It had rained on the way back, and I was thinking it was probably silly to expect any more good luck than the sunbreak we'd just had.

Then we pulled up to the house, and it stopped raining.

We got to unloading the truck, and finished just as Raechelle got there. Total time to move my girlfirend from Ballard to West Seattle: two hours flat.

Dan and Raff came with me to drop the drasser and file cabinet off with Shandalla. She wasn't home, but left us a six pack of Red Hook ESB. It was a fair trade. Actually, she's buying the dresser from Rae - the beer was for delivering it.

We stopped by Taco Del Mar on the way home, and fed our worthy crew. Our helpers left, and Rae and I started unpacking the bedroom stuff (since you have to sleep there, it's arguably the most important room to do first).

We could have worked late into the night unpacking, but fortunately we had the distraction of Jamie's cocktail party at Theo's, a chocolate factory up in the Fremont. We got gussied up and went early to help set up.

All gussied.

The catered food was unbelievable, and Rae and I ended up behind the bar so that Jamie could mingle. Came home at about 10:30 and crashed out.

Now we have a house to reorganize, some football this morning, and the Jason Mraz concert tonight. Look at us being busy!


Marcia said...

"TBGE had labeled everything with the area of the house it was intended for, and had stacked everything by zone, most of it in her living room, ready to go."

Smart girl. One of the reasons I love her. This has always been my packing method, too. I think it's why I've always enjoyed moving. Happy unpacking and reorganizing!

go_go yubari said...

Congrats on the move - and you know what? What an absolutely gorgeous couple you guys make :-D

Hugs to all -

Lynnae said...

You two look great!! Rae sounds like a saint with everything organized and labeled - awesome! Congrats on the move and all that comes with it. It takes adjusting - with the sharing of bathroom(s), TV, cooking, etc., etc. (and lots of love & patience)

You've got a great base, now run with it! :)