Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bullet Salad

  • Some good news for the chocoholics in my life.
  • My horoscope today: You can't let your flirting skills get rusty -- they're some of the finest in the world! Just because you're in a committed relationship, you haven't been feeling confident, or you've just gotten lazy, it is not an excuse to deprive the world of your charm and sass! Remember, flirting is just good, clean fun. It doesn't have to be a commitment. So today, try to use more flattery in your conversations. You'll brighten up everyone's day -- including your own, of course. Sorry, honey - it said to flirt! [wink wink]
  • We're getting the house organized post-move-in. What's crazy is I've given up more than half of my closet and bathroom and I'm strangely okay with that. Probably a good thing she's cute.
  • Took R & K to Endolyne Joe's for dinner last night. Didn't feel like cooking for obvious reasons. Comfort food akimbo. I had chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes & collard greens. Yum. Rae liked the atmosphere, playlist and food. Not that I needed to sell her; I hadn't been to Joe's in months and had a hankerin'. Glad we went.
  • Got my errands run in record time today. Except I forgot the toilet paper. Sigh. So there's one more trip to the store on this afternoon's agenda. Then a Southcenter trip tonight.
  • Got Tyler's glasses fixed - they'll work in the interim. I'll take him to the eye clinic today when he gets home from school so they can measure him for some new frames and start the ball rolling on new glasses for him. The woman said they can sometimes take as many as eight weeks once ordered. Hence getting his old glasses fixed.
  • Big storm blew through last night. It's still blowing a bit right now. Supposed to be nice tomorrow, crappy on Friday and nice this weekend.
  • Trying to get an OA script meeting together soon. I need to get this pilot written.
  • Random Chuck Norris fact: If Chuck Norris had a dime for every man that didn't die from his roundhouse kick, he would have no dimes.
  • I love random Chuck Norris facts. In fact, I own the book.
  • Looking forward to writing up the performance of Bullshot Crummond we're going to on Friday night. It'll be Rae's first excursion to Youngstown. She's actually looking forward to it. And I've been seeing my poster up all over West Seattle. The attention-whore in me loves that.


Raechelle said...

But I need all of that space so I can beautify for you!
(bat bat)

And you just go on and flirt your little heart out. I know who you're goin' home with ;-)

Mack said...

Yum. Chicken fried steak. That's some serious comfort food.

Sandi said...

oh that food sounds great. My stomach is growling literally. I should go find some lunch. :)

Lucy Leadskin said...

"Collared greens"? What kind of collars do they wear? Or do you mean "collard greens"? xo!

TD said...

Yeah. "Collard greens". That's what I said. Exactly.

[sheepish wince]

::ducks away quietly::