Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back to Abnormal

While I offer no apologies for waxing political during this history-making past few days, I now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog.

The autumn rain is here. It's not hard rain. It's that Pacific Northwest dense veil of wet that's somewhere between thick fog and real rain. This is the wet we're famous for.

I've been a domestic Superman, clearing space for the imminent move-in, scheduling doctors' appointments and talking to school officials. It's a crazy, crazy time, and I'll be happy when this phase is over. Tyler has his sleep study consult scheduled. In January. Oh well, at least it's now on the books.

Been trying to distract myself from the mundane worries that usually end up as a knot in my stomach making me sick. Today that meant a carry-out lunch from Taco Del Mar and Eulogy. I'd not heard of this film before putting it on my Netflix queue, but man, what a cast and a fantastic script! Hank Azaria is great. And when do we really get to see Debra Winger anymore?

Tonight will be more soup for dinner, and more Buffy episodes. They're good time-wasters in the evening, and heck, I've done everything on my checklist today.

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