Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Plus!

So let's see...

Friday night Kayleigh took off to spend the night at a friend's house, and Dan & Trish joined Raechelle, Tyler and me for Iron Man. Once again, it was French bread pizza. Tyler doesn't like it, but two loaves split in half give four adults a nice amount of custom pizza real estate.

Had some nice mushy time, then Saturday was upon us. We slobbed around in our pajamas, ate cold cereal and watched cartoons with Tyler, then it was time for Raechelle to take off for some girl time with her friend Jamie, Tyler went over to Gavin's, and I had the house to myself for the first time in I-don't-know-how-long. Real ME time (which I have been craving quite a bit lately, as it helps one maintain perspective when one is normally steeped in children and a relationship). Worked on music. Nurtured my soul for a few hours.

Picked up Kayleigh at her friend's house, and drove her to Gavin's for their Star Wars RPG. Came home to find Raechelle back, and we hit the road... to Olive Garden! Yeah, don't hate us because we're a jet-set, rock-star couple. I actually had a gift card, so dinner was free. Then we hit Cost Plus for some Halloween decor for our upcoming par-tay (and replenished the wine rack - we loves us the Cost Plus!). Picked up a couple bottles of this stuff. Pretty good.

Headed home for more mushy time (watching Clerks in our jammies). And once the kids returned from Gavin's, it was bedtime.

Sunday morning came, and with it my coffee time with Ron. Came home to find Raechelle reorganizing the office. Can't stop the woman, that's for sure! We brought Kayleigh's bathroom radio outside to listen to the pitiful Seahawks game while we plowed through the rest of the boxes in the carport. I now have a load of Goodwill/Northwest Center stuff, and enough of a dump run to warrant renting a U-Haul pickup truck this week.

We came inside and collapsed on the sofa, dozing through the last of the Hawks' loss to Green Bay (at home, no less! WTF??), and awoke to the last of the Cardinals/Cowboys game. Made Raechelle giggle 'til it hurt. Then it was dinner and Buffy episodes until bedtime.

Monday morning. Time to get back into another week. And, as if on cue, Tyler had an excuse as to why he couldn't go to school. Fortunately, I had a scheduled meeting with his mental health counselor at school - a meeting Tyler himself had requested. So we went to the meeting, and I sat and watched for two hours while three women on the school staff had the exact same discussion I have with him every day. And now they're getting it. We'll know more when we have the sleep study in another month or so, and when he has his full psych evaluation at Navos.

Grabbed some lunch, got my new car tabs, and headed for home. Got there just before Kayleigh brought her friend home after school, and it was impossible to sequester either side from provoking the other. I finally sent them outside in the back yard and collapsed on my bed for a 20-minute cat nap.

After Kayleigh's friend was picked up, I took her with me to get some dinner at the deli. The characters were out in force tonight at the QFC. It was an entertaining bit of people-watching while the slowest deli clerk ever made three sandwiches very haphazardly over the course of 25 minutes. Got some salad and mac & cheese, and popped open my last Scuttlebutt amber. The sandwiches were all but inedible.

We have a busy week scheduled on this end. I hope I'm up to it.

P.S. Can I just say how much it amuses me to hear divorced people with joint custody say they "know what it's like to be a single parent"? Sorry... haven't had to bitch about the DGIs for a long time. That one just stuck with me this weekend.

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