Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not Immune

So it appears I'm not immune to the same cold feet the girl has been describing. For the past several days, I've been stressing in the back of my mind, wondering "is this The One?", "is this the right time?", "is it what I want?", and always, "if it doesn't work out, will my kids ever forgive me?"

She called last night, a pretty mushy phone conversation, and I expressed what I'd been feeling. And what do you know? Far from being a deal-breaker, it's actually a bonding phenomenon. We both know it's good, both know it's right, both feel the strange hand of the Universe guiding us along with the velvet ropes.

I actually took a major step (internally) today, and I told Raechelle when we went to lunch at Duke's. Things are really happening, and sometimes I feel like we're just being whisked along for the ride. And it occurred to me that every good thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life has felt exactly like this - and that did a lot to warm my cold feet.

It's exciting. It's scary as hell (because of what it represents). And it's really, really good.


konradical said...

wish you both the best on taking the (first) leap!

Mark Bruno said...

Dude, I called this one to Lydia a while back. What an awesome journey the both of you are taking together and thanks for sharing it with us.