Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Movie Premieres and Such

Ah, such a glamorous life...

Went to the Blank cast & crew screening last night at the Admiral. No, I wasn't either cast or crew, but as they say in El Lay, "I know people." If only because two of my OA cohorts were involved. And what I saw of their performances was great, but there were two issues with the screening:
  1. There was a lot of unnecessary business left in the cut - stuff that did nothing to advance the plot - so I was editing in my head and squirming in my seat. Even Darlene was bewildered by what they chose to leave in. And her scenes with "Jack" were the most engaging in the film.
  2. Halfway through the screening, someone in the audience passed out and required medical attention. The film was stopped, and the EMTs were there in two minutes flat. It was impressive.
I checked in with an actor buddy and made a new contact, and Raechelle and I ducked out for a quick drink and then went to pick up Kayleigh from a friend's house. Home by kid bedtime.

Still in a grumpy mood. Partially because of the crappy end to a great weekend (not a big fan of pain), and partially picking up on the girl's vibe. Still, it was an interesting night, and I think we just might have an actual venue for live music and indie film at the Admiral Theater (something West Seattle desperately needs). The woman in charge of artist outreach and booking spoke before the show, and was pretty serious about their mission. Rae and I are going to check out some bands there on Saturday night.

Speaking of which, I earned some major points with the girl by finding this show.

Which reminds me, I talked to Mary Springer yesterday, and will be doing the Bullshot Crummond poster. Also threw my name into the ring for directing the Fall '09 show, and it's been rumored that it might be Dracula.

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Suzy said... smooser, you!!! I would so love to go to a premier and dust off my finery!