Friday, October 24, 2008

Can I Get An "AMEN!"

Second good night's sleep in a row. I'm on the upswing. YEAH baby!

Watched The Notebook last night with my daughter. Not a film I'd thought to seek out on original release, much less enjoy as much as I did. Thank you, Netflix. I found the story compelling, even if I did figure out the connection in the first act. Still, despite the heartbreakingly familiar themes and final scene (which was incredibly hard for me to watch), it's a beautifully made and engaging film. Kayleigh absolutely LOVED it.

Received some income from my long-neglected game company, so I'm feeling a bit better about things going into the winter season.

I've got Chris Isaak blaring on the playlist, I've got paychecks in the bank, it's Friday, I have no social plans this weekend (except for Trish & Dan coming over for movies), and the girl is here. Life is good.

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dee said...

I agree with Kayleigh - I LOVED The Notebook too! Great movie, although I sob when I watch it. Funny story - my son, Kyle (who is almost 23 now) asked for The Notebook DVD for Christmas when he was in high school. Everyone teased him for wanting that movie but he didn't care. He still says to this day, one of the best movies ever. Yes, my son has a sensitive side! ;>)