Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekendus Updatus

Friday 8/29

Big football get-together. Raechelle, Kayleigh and I hosted some friends from each of our crowds, thus beginning the cross-pollination process. Seahawks steamrolled the Raiders. I thought my loyalties might have been somewhat divided, but although I don't mind seeing the Raiders do well, I'm not sad watching them suck. There was much pizza, beer, and/or margaritas. Ay carumba!

Saturday 8/30

Raechelle stayed Friday night, and we headed out early (for us) to check out a house owned by Raechelle's ex's girlfriend ("Programs! Get yer programs! Can't tell the players without a program!"). Then we went to Doug & Ann's engagement party at Gillian's at Lake Union. A nice buffet, arcade tokens for the kids, a car made of chocolate and tiramasu, and plenty of pool. We took off a bit early due to fatigue and a bit of "buyer's remorse" from Friday's margaritas. So of course, when we'd dropped the kids at Gavin's for their Star Wars RPG, where did we go for dinner? Maharaja. Yeah, a little Indian food really settles the stomach.

About then, we began to get a bit of a second wind, and walked across the street to The Corner Pocket, where Travis bought us a round and Raechelle and I played another 4 games of pool. We picked Kayleigh up at 11PM and Tyler stayed at Gavin's overnight.

Sunday 8/31

Sunday morning, I left Raechelle to sleep in while I had coffee with Ron. Came home in time to chat with Rae before she left to have lunch with Val. I got some school shopping homework and scheduling done, and when Raechelle came back from lunch, we headed out for school supplies and clothes. We returned in time to get started cleaning and organizing the master bedroom, then reheated some pizza and watched Cars and Raising Arizona.

Monday 9/1

Labor Day! We slept in, then went to Home Depot to pick up a hand towel ring for the half bath and a bath towel rod for my bathroom (because some chick has been hanging her towels over the shower curtain and they're getting in the way). We met up with DJ at Noon to look at three houses. Still no luck. Then it was Thai for lunch and a mad whirlwind of cleaning and organizing. Lots of triggers, but I did really well, if I do say so myself. we finally got to a stopping point at dinner time, and went down to Southcenter for dinner and a quick trip to Guitar Center (as this time, not only my capo disappeared - it seems to have taken the tuner with it).

Home just in time for the train wreck that is Gossip Girl (similar to the feeling I get when I watch old Ed Wood movies), then to bed.

It was a productive weekend, not just from cleaning and sorting and organizing, but from some really positive relationship steps. Whodathunkit?


Anonymous said...

There's no shame in routing against the L.A. Traitors. In fact, it's an obligation of anyone who still loves the Bay Area.

TD said...

Aww, come on, Ryan - they were in LA for like 12 years out of their 48-year history. And they've been *back* in Oakland since '95 (longer than they were in LA).

Now, that said, they really sucked last Friday. :)

Anonymous said...

They never should have returned. The City of Oakland gave them tens of millions of dollars of tax money, and ruined the Oakland Coliseum. As a thank you, Al Davis then proceeded to SUE the city. And, to top it all off, they continue to play like they're still in LA, i.e. they perpetually suck, they can't hit, they can't tackle, yet they still lead the league it stupid ass penalties.

If and when I make it up to Seattle again, we can grab a drink and I'll let you know how I REALLY feel. ;)