Friday, September 12, 2008

I (Don't) Like Ike

Just saw that Hurricane Ike picked up some mojo last night and is set to hit the Tay-has coast as a category 3 sometime tonight.

Best mind your manners, Ike. You leave my girl's folks alone, y'hear? And Goober and Miss Squeaky too. I don't wanna have to punch you in the face while drinking my kickass tea. I'm Scottish, ya know. We're a fierce and crazy people. The guys wear skirts. We play music that sounds like mating cats on a sheep's bladder with hollow sticks coming out of it. We eat entrails inside other entrails. Yeah, I know, you're a friggin' hurricane. You throw trees around because it's your nature. But we throw trees for fun. And big rocks. And each other. And we don't have the cushy benefit of 115mph winds to help us. You don't want any part of our righteous Celtic indignation.

You pussy.


Anonymous said...

I love you! Thanks.


Raechelle said...


You are on a roll, TD.
Holy shit.

Do not mess with the Scotsman!

Dee said...

AHAHAHA! You're scary, Todd! I just wish Ike could actually read your blog! He'd back down immediately.

Anonymous said...

Waving my closed fists at Ike (where do you think TD gets his Scots blood?) and sending prayers for safety for you and yours, Annette.