Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Gavin brought over the film Fido to show me today.


I must have it. I must own this little piece of Canadian zombie comedy (or zomedy). Billy Connolly, Carrie-Anne Moss, Dylan Baker (you know, that guy). Amazing production value, a witty script, great soundtrack, and all sorts of really scathing social commentary (on many levels, yet not beating the audience over the head). Possibly the most compelling role I've seen Billy Connolly play (and I'm a big fan of his character in The Boondock Saints). The fact that it's a 1950s period piece is pure brilliance.

If only Washington State had the same support programs for film that BC has... Sigh.


John Sullivan said...

Hell of a movie isn't it? It was one of Telefilm's big attempts to make Canadian movies people might actually wanted to see. Unfortunately it bombed hard.

I loved it, but my tastes are nothing to go by. I gather it wasn't scary enough for the horror fans and too middlebrow for the art house types who still pretty much dictate tastes in the establishment. There was supposed to be a wide US release after it hit big in Canada, but when it didn't that all went away. Glad you found it.

TD said...

Funny you should comment, John. As I was watching, I kept saying to myself, "this is something John Sullivan would write!" :-)

Carrie and/or Wayne said...

Fido filmed in Kelowna, where I live. I haven't seen it though. I'm not much of a zombie-film person, but glad you liked it. Maybe I should watch it just to see if I recognize the backgrounds.