Saturday, August 23, 2008

We're Back!

Man, what a week, and I'm still on vacation, damnit!

Thursday afternoon, we went to the Winchester Mystery House. We had a guide who was a cross between Charles Nelson Reilly and Peter Cook from The Princess Bride (you know, "Mawwage"). It was cool to look at all of the changes that have been done since I was there last (which I think was before the 1989 Loma Prieta quake).

We headed back briefly to Chez Creth, then drove out to Woodside, to the home of Mark and Liz, and their twin boys Alec and Max. It was good to chill with Mark & Liz again, and the boys are getting huge.

Friday we made a plan to not make any plans. We slept late, slobbed around in our jammies until Noon, went swimming at the Chez Creth pool, then Raechelle and I drove around Palo Alto a bit. I felt strangely detached, and was actually very happy to have her there to show her the places that had once meant something to me, but no longer hold any magic. We went back, had pizza and watched The Lost Boys. It's good to know my girlfriend can quote the entire screenplay. I knew there was a geek in there somewhere.

We woke by 9AM this morning, got packed up and back to the airport. Upgraded again (so worth it!), and had a calm, uneventful flight. Caught a taxi home and found that some of the basics had been neglected by the house sitter, but at least the pets were alive and happy to see us. Raechelle saw my darkened mood and cleaned my kitchen before heading home for the night. Kayleigh and I went to Elliott Bay for dinner (vacation, remember?), grabbed some pet supplies and breakfast stuff for tomorrow, and headed home.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have coffee with Ron, and then dinner reservations at Salty's that evening. Raechelle and I are celebrating 3 months and still going strong.

I'll let her talk about her experience traveling with me and two children, but I can say from my observations it was generally positive for both of us. She got a taste of parenthood (with the authority to go with it), and got to meet my "gatekeepers" (and she was welcomed heartily by all). We both got a taste of close quarters 24/7 living, and we not only survived 7 days together, I daresay we liked it. As long as we can take off together as a couple once in awhile, put the parent identity aside for a breather every now and then, I think we're both in a good space and continuing forward with a positive attitude.

Chris and Beth were simply phenomenal hosts, and I will miss hanging out with them (thank you so much, you guys!), but just the same, it's good to be home.

The whole flickr photo set is here.

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Marcia said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a marvelous trip. I'm glad you had a good time together and glad you're home now too. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!