Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We are in California (aka The Republik of Kalifornia).

We are alive and well.

We have many pictures.

We will post a mid-week update tomorrow.

That is all.


Kyle said...

Hope you're having fun and look forward to talking about soundtrack stuff when you get back!


creth95 said...

Mwuahahahaha. I has your Todd and Raechelle and Kayleigh and Tyler. And I are not giving them back!! Har har ho ho hee hee!!!

(this comment brought to you by the word verification "rackary," which is pronounced, well..."rackary.")

creth95 said...

And the next word verification was "hickos"...yah, really!)

Observations from the Couch said...

Wouldn't that be "All your Downing Are belong to us!" ?